Businessman, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Philanthropist

Cobalt Developments LLC.

Founder and CEO

Chris Swan is currently CEO of Cobalt Developments, which he founded in 2003. Cobalt is an active property development company in both the UK commercial property sector as well as in the USA, where the company focuses more on residential property development.

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The US operation of Cobalt Developments focuses on the development of greenfield residential properties. Chris frequently demonstrates his keen eye for profitable opportunities by investing in land banking opportunities within the US. He has successfully taken advantage of areas experiencing economic downturn, and these investments are hugely fiscally beneficial for both Cobalt Developments and the surrounding regions.

Cobalt Developments LLC is responsible for the development of Hunley Waters, a hugely successful sustainable waterfront community in South Carolina.

"I came to know Chris while assisting another Real Estate Colleague at Sandlapper Real Estate Group. I must say that the opportunity that was presented to me at the time to meet and understand the unique mindset, ideas, strategies, goals and objectives, and perspectives about our marketplace that Chris was so willing to share with me and my colleague, were truly brilliant as well as inspirational.

Chris has a brilliant strategic planning, marketing, and operational background and mindset that has served him well throughout his career. That coupled with his sincerity, straightforward, practical approach and work ethics make him truly a remarkable business man and role model. I look forward to my continued relationship and friendship with Chris and would have no problem recommending him and his work to current or future business clients." - Bill Wiley - Chairman, Core4Advisors