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Cobalt Developments Ltd.

Founder and CEO

Chris Swan is currently CEO of Cobalt Developments Ltd, which he founded in 2003. Cobalt is an active property development company in the UK commercial property sector, where it focuses on sustainable development of Greenfield sites.

Cobalt was formed in 2003 to bring something different to the UK commercial property development market. Cobalt Developments focuses primarily on the development of Greenfield sites as well as the building of warehouses and offices. In addition to the building and development of commercial properties, Chris Swan has further concentrated Cobalt Developments’ strategy on the sale and leaseback of property for management buyouts or companies that wish to re-finance. The company also extends its services to the refurbishment and sale of dilapidated industrial estates.

Although Cobalt Developments has existed for a relatively short amount of time, Chris Swan and the team have achieved many noteworthy milestones:

  • Substantial increase in company value via the rental of 14 commercial properties.
  • Completion of over 38 transactions ranging from £850k to £7m gross development value.
  • All transactions achieved an impressive return of 25% on sales.

Chris Swan cleverly mitigated the effect of the current UK property downturn on Cobalt Developments by ensuring timely property exits and implementing strategic suspensions to certain business developments.

Since its inception, Cobalt Developments have been successful in building a strong brand identity and reputation within the UK commercial property marketplace, whilst still achieving financial success during a tough economic period.

"To achieve full occupancy at the development so quickly after the project was completed reflects the quality and flexibility of the Cobalt Centre and the approach of Cobalt Developments in creating a very desirable product." - Andrew Wall - Wareing & Co

"It is vital that local companies have the opportunity to expand but also stay close to their roots and workforce." - John Maples, MP

"This kind of commercial development is key to Southam’s future prosperity and is good news for workers that live and work in the area." - Councillor Mike Stanley - Mayor of Southam

"The new complex meets our needs perfectly. We employ around 40 staff and were able to move completely over one weekend, thereby continuing production. All our staff have moved with us and I think everyone is relishing the new surrounding." - Gary Noonan - Metal Protectives Limited